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Ban & Berries

Category: Smoothies
5.00 out of 5
Content: 180g - 350ml

Shelf life: 9 months


Strawberry Banana Courgette Raspberry Currants Dates Goji berries Mint


Tastes like: Berry refreshing

Imagine the taste fresh gepflückter berries. This is exactly how our Ban & Berries taste. Courgette and mint give it that special fresh kick and provide you with a delicious refreshment, especially in summer.

All fruits are picked at the highest degree of ripeness, processed fresh from the harvest, shock-frozen within a very short time and preserved without any additives. Taste, vitamins and nutrients are thus optimally preserved.



Nutritional information in 100ml

Calories168 kJ / 40 kcal
Fat0,16 g
- saturated fat0,03 g
Carbohydrates8,1 g
- sugars6,7 g
Protein0,7 g
Salt0,02 g
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