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From now on we will also supply you with vitamins in small batches. Our fresh, cold-pressed ginger shots are available in three tasty flavours and let you start the day full of power – of course in the best quality with organic and raw ingredients.

The small and effective boosters are full of natural fuels and can have a great effect on your body if consumed regularly: Ginger calms the stomach, strengthens the immune system, fights infections, boosts the metabolism and can do much more.

Immunity boosting

Through the special combination of vital & fresh ingredients such as ginger, turmeric and beetroot you can naturally supplement your preventive diet.

100% natural

We only use fresh ingredients in organic quality and can therefore support you in your everyday life in a natural way.
Without preservatives & flavour enhancers.

Cold-pressed - never heated!

All ingredients are pressed using the HPP process. Unlike many products, we can obtain all vitamins and the maximum effect of the substances through cold pressing.

Hot, Hotter, Hot Shot

This shot lives up to the internally awarded name “Mr. Burns”. In addition to ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper add heat and get your body going. The power roots support your immune system and, mixed with fresh orange and apple juice, provide a real taste experience.

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Ginger Shot - The Classic

Our interpretation of the Classic is made only with ginger and apple juice, plus a dash of lemon and will surely become your absolute favourite ginger lemon shot, with which you will start the day every morning. Ginger for the win!

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Better a Beet Shot

Beetroot not only promotes regeneration after exercise, but also increases blood circulation and thus supplies your muscles with more oxygen. Paired with ginger, apple and some lemon juice, this shot not only tastes delicious, but also provides you with all the benefits (+) of a classic ginger shot.

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What's a ginger shot?

Ginger shots are high-quality juices that are made from fresh ginger. A classic ginger shot usually consists of  juiced ginger roots or freshly grated ginger combined with lemon or orange juice. Our Wholey Shots combine ginger with other juices made from turmeric, apple, lemon or even beetroot.

Due to the high amount of ginger, the shots can be very hot and for some, it might be too intense. For this reason, the shots come in small quantities and are consumed in small sips.

How do you drink ginger shots? How often should you drink them?

We recommend drinking shots straight after getting up in the morning – as a kick-start into the day. You can also drink the shots with warm water, as a spritzer with sparkling water, mixed with another juice or as a natural component in an alcohol-free cocktail.

What does “cold-pressed” mean?

In order to preserve all important ingredients, the ingredients of our shots are processed at 6°C. This means that ginger, turmeric, apples and oranges are gently cold-pressed in a belt press and thus retain all the important vitamins that would disappear with heat.

Our Ginger Shots are produced with HPP (High Pressure Processing), an innovative process that can be used to preserve food. All important vitamins and nutrients are preserved, as well as the texture and taste of the product.

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