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Wholey Hot Ginger Shot

72x Shot Box

For the first time we leave the freezer and launch the Wholey version of the popular Ginger Shots.

  • From natural organic ingredients
  • Without preservatives & flavour enhancers
  • Freshly processed
  • Raw food quality
  • 100% Cold pressed
  • Maximum freshness through HPP process
  • Vegan

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The shots are sold in a 6-package unit.

2,30  / Shot
plus shipping

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0 / 72

Hot Shot


Beet Shot


Ginger Shot

0 / 72

72x Shot Box

Bundle Total: 165,60 

Delivery to: Germany


Subtotal : 308,40 

incl. VAT, excl. shipping

incl. VAT : 46,47 


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