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From the classic green smoothie to tropical-fruity smoothies and vegan, nut-based “Nomilkshakes” –  we’ve got something for every taste. Our smoothies and smoothie bowls are definitely an upgrade for your freezer and will bring your #breakfastgame on a new level!

NEW! Our Wholey Ginger Shots are cold-pressed for a maximum of taste and vitamins. They are free from industrial sugar, concentrates or other additives. 100% juice, 100% organic, 100% taste.


Ginger Shot

Beet Shot

Hot Shot

Smoothie Bowls

Dragon Bowl

Ocean Bowl

Wholey Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Tropical Bowl

Wholey Açaí Smoothie Bowl

Açaí Bowl

B2B Produkte


Choc Norris

New Vanilla



Amazing Açaí

Ban & Berries

Ginger Ninja

Kale Moss

Orange Utan

The Real Green

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