Coconut Bowl & Spoon 2 Pcs.

The Smoothie Bowl at your favourite café somehow always tastes better? From now on it won't! Because as we all know, the eye eats with you and with our coconut bowl in Bali style, you can simply bring that café feeling home. The breakfast will be the absolute highlight of your day.

We love coconut!

Not only as an ingredient in our smoothie bowls, no, we also love anything to do with coconut as a topping. Whether it's coconut puree, grated coconut or coconut flakes - the tropical nut goes perfectly with our fruity bowls. So the logical next step was to change our boring porcelain bowls into coconuts. And what a pair they are: made of high-quality material, with fine decoration and a diameter of 15 cm. 

From Vietnam to your kitchen - our bowls come originally from Vietnam, where every single coconut is reprocessed and recycled. #upcycling

From now on, we will take you on holiday every morning with our bowls and bring a tropical feeling into your four walls. 

Our bowls come in a set. 2 coconut shells plus 2 spoons - perfect to set the scene for your smoothie bowls. The bowls do not withstand high temperatures very well, so please do not put them in the microwave or freezer and rinse them by hand. 

  • Unique
  • .
  • Upcycled product
  • 100% natural coconut shell
  • Natural product
  • regular care with coconut oil guarantees long-lasting shine
  • ø: 12-15 cm // Filling volume: 350-450 ml (As each bowl is unique, the measurements differ slightly.)
  • Spoon length: 16 cm


Delivery to: Germany


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