Our mission

As former competitive athletes, we have always had the ambition to eat a healthy and balanced diet. However, there was often little time between meetings, intensive training sessions and picking up children. With the desire to be able to feed our body quickly and easily with a portion of vitamins, we made it our goal in 2016 to produce the tastiest and healthiest smoothies on the market. Wholey was born after more than twelve months of intensive thinking and planning as well as more than 1,000 ingenious recipes. The result comes in nine different ready-to-blend smoothies, shakes and bowls that should support the needs of a healthy and vitamin-rich diet.

We believe in the power of plants, and with our Wholeys we give you easy access to quality food at any time. We exclusively use 100% natural organic ingredients, which have been put together in finely tuned recipes to facilitate a balanced diet. In addition to our high-quality standards, we attach particular importance to taste. Our recipes, developed by nutritionists, are based on months of work, care and lots of love.

    100% organic.
    100% natural.
    100% good.

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